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Brazil Beaches on Tributary

Every Trophy Quest
Begins With A DREAM!

Whether it's in the Jungles of the

Amazon, the Bush of Alaska or

anywhere throughout The Americas.

Looking for some Exotic Finned Beasts and Extreme Adventure Fishing? Willing to trek into the far away fringe and remote outreach beyond the angling traffic? Gazing at starlit skies from the deck of a fishing yacht or while encamped on the white flour sand along a rivers' beach sound enticing? Excited when you encounter and observe some of natures most unusual and interesting wildlife?

Your adventures should be loaded with such encounters!  


Trophy Quest

Experience the best of adventure fishing with Fishing the Americas! From fishing destination selection, outfitter recommendations and expedition planning to travel, gear and kit advice, we provide everything you need for a successful fishing adventure. With 20 years of expedition logistics history and experience let us assist you with the planning and details so you can focus on the thrills of your next Trophy Quest at the Adventure Fishing Destination of your choice!


At our core, we are passionate about curating tailor-made adventures that combine the thrill of fishing with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Whether you are an avid angler seeking new challenges or a nature enthusiast looking to immerse yourself in breathtaking surroundings, we are dedicated to crafting personalized itineraries that cater to your specific interests and desires. With our extensive knowledge of the best of the best fishing destinations, expert outfitters and guides, and top-notch accommodations, we strive to ensure that every moment of your adventure is filled with excitement, tranquility, and lifelong memories. Get ready to embark on a remarkable fishing journey like no other, as we bring your dreams of fishing in The Americas to life!

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The fishing the Americas Blog has been around since 2009. With our outfitter affiliations the FTA Blog is a great source for exciting adventure angling tours and information. Visit it often, in fact, subscribe below for all Blog updates and Fishing the Americas Newsletters.

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Current Featured Destination

An expedition into the Colombian interior finds us you a tributary of the northern Orinoco Basin and a jungle lodge encamped high along the rivers edge. Overlooking a landscape of boulders, exhilarating rapids, calm pockets, extreme wildlife and world class wading opportunities one immediately is consumed with the possibilities of encountering the reported 20 pound plus Toothy Payara, Giant Sardinata, Monster Catfish (several varieties) and the Legendary Peacock Bass of the Colombian Amazon. This is a multi-species fishery at its best with historical support for a Trophy Quest for prized catches of all species. So dream a little as you scan the photo gallery of this adventure destination and we'll tell you more about it on the other side.

This is a bifurcated style trip with an outpost encampment and a remote lodge. Fishing days will encompass days at both camps providing anglers with a vast network of rapid systems, remote lagoons, smaller tributaries and oxbows where the best Trophy Quest habitat is found in the remote Amazon Fringe. The Tuparro and Orinoco luxury camping expedition is truly a "Fishing Trip of a Lifetime" and can be your "Trophy Quest" for a number of exotic species available in one extreme adventure! 

Your Trophy Quest Dreams Delivered in the Colombian Biodiversity!

Fishing the Americas Angler with Payara Fish
Angler with Colombian Peacock Bass

Embark on the ultimate fishing adventure with Amazon River Adventures Extreme Colombian Fringe Expedition. Hunt the trophy Vampire Fish or Payara in the heart of the biodiverse Colombian Amazon Jungle and on two legendary rivers. Surrounded by pristine nature, incredible wildlife and breathtaking views, the outfitters indigenous guides, experienced in all things Peacocks and Payara, will guide you on an unforgettable journey for seven full days of fishing, providing the expertise and direction you need to succeed on this Trophy Quest. 

Click on the Photo to the right for more information, photos and to download or print all of the details for this

"Fishing Trip of a Lifetime."

Fishing the Americas Anglers holding Peacock Bass Link to PDF


Quotation Mark

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience that the trip on the Rio Negro was. The trip went perfectly ...

Jake L.

Fishing the Americas angler with Peacock Bass
Quotation Mark

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I really enjoyed my Peacock Bass fishing adventure with you. The trip worked perfectly ...3 trips with you ...

Kent S. 

Fishing the Americas angler with Peacock Bass

3 Trips

Quotation Mark

It took a good friend quite some time to convince me to go Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil. He had fished with David to another destination before. He said it would be a great trip. It was not. It was AWESOME! The guides and the crew were excellent ... you have to go for yourself to experience the beauty and marvel of the undisturbed wilderness of the Amazon ...

Fishing the Americas angler with Peacock Bass

George H.

Fishing the Americas boat ride at daybreak

David Fields has been a very good contact for me in my international sporting travels, particularly for Brazil and Peacock Bass fishing in the Amazon. Trips have been well organized, easy to schedule and essentially pain free to execute. The pre-trip information including packing lists and “trip specific gear and tackle” is extremely useful, complete and emphasizes details critical for successful trips outside the US. Fishin’ Expeditions has consistently met or exceeded my needs for this caliber of trip.



Fishin Expeditions Angler with Peacock Bass
Quotation Mark

20 years of references 

Sean K. (15 Trips to Brazil)

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