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Fishing the Americas Asks - Is It Always "All About the Fishing?"

Updated: Feb 3

I guess for me, it has mostly revolved around fishing. Cast after cast searched for that next monster peacock bass or some other exotic species found in the Amazon River. But, as I continue to add years to this finatic life as well as trips into this incredible ecosystem, I find the passion for the Amazon broadening. Don't get me wrong, I will always be on the lookout for that next great adventure—that new and exclusive tributary—with the dream of that next world record, but for the past several visits, I have sensed a greater interest emerging. I suspect this change comes as I gain a better understanding of the ecosystem and the enormity of it; the people; their culture(s); and the beauty the aforementioned holds. So as we move forward with the Amazon offerings at Amazon River Adventures, we do so with a focus on truly custom-designed itineraries. Meaning that if a group wants to be exclusively focused on fishing and a specific species, then that's what we will endeavor to provide. However, if, like our most recent group, the members desire a combination of fishing, eco-tours, and more, then we will design the trip accordingly.

Maybe the best way to portray the diversity found with our most recent group is with a pictorial review:

A dozen folks in this group, including moms, dads, kids, and singles, have skill levels ranging from advanced to very little. Eco-tours: Two shore lunches: Two: Caiman spotting outing: One, Luau: One village visit: one Big Fish: 20# Peacock by Jen: One


Katie with Teener
12 year old avid angler Katie with her "teener"...Congratulations Katie!!!

Destination: Brazilian Rain Forrest and Rio Negro River

Vessel: Amazon Lord 1

Dates: February 2-9, 2019

The Amazon Lord and Amazon River Adventures
The Amazon Lord Mothership - First Class Vessel and Crew

"Even though it's been a hard week of peacock bass fishing, we had some real quality fish! 20# largest, 18# caught by 12-year-old Katie, 10# x 2, 13, 15, 17, and 19! Monsoon rains every day, but we loaded it up this week with some very indigenous ecotours."

So, with Amazon River Adventures is it always "all about the fishing?" Apparently not!


fishing the Americas

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