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Bulls Reds - On The Beach - 10 Years Later

Updated: May 9, 2019

Captain Keith Kennedy - Born To Fish Charters
Captain Keith Kennedy - Born To Fish Charters (504) 908-3108

Monster Bull Redfish Fishing - 10 years ago about this time, I was admittedly, a greenie. Oh, I had caught a few, but only small juveniles as serendipity on an earlier Florida snook trip. I remember it well, the planning for that first trip to The Delta...

"How does one make the connection from “Giant” Mexican Largemouth Bass and the “Explosive” Peacock Bass of the Amazon to the “Brutish” Bull Reds of Venice, Louisiana? Here’s how, take a quiet evening on the veranda of Trophy Bass Lodge overlooking Lake Huites, Mexico and add a cold cervasia or a chilled margarita to the conversation between a group of guys, all veteran Peacock, Largemouth and Bull Red chasers (save one…ME). Veteran Largemouth and Peacock, well perhaps, Red Fish…no.

I was simply amazed, and quite frankly a bit skeptical, at the conversation I had entered into with friends Gary Clark and Dan Basore, with talk of their “best kept secret on the Gulf Coast”, a Captain Keith of Venice, Louisiana and his uncanny skills at locating Giant Bull Redfish. I mean, what would you expect, except "tall tales" and fishing “yarns” from a group of guys at a fishing lodge?" __Taken from the "Sportsmans News" Article and the "Sport Fishing Journal Blog" 2009

The results of that conversation would find myself along with good friends Gary Clark and Brett Graham at the doorstep of Captain Keith Kennedy's camp near Venice, LA 16 months later at the end of June 2009 for my first encounter with The Bulls Reds of the Mississippi Delta.

Nearly ten years have now passed. I have not missed but one year in those ten of fishing the Delta in June. Sometimes twice a year with earlier and later trips. But that first June trip holds the honor for best memories from The Delta. I'm sure if you read the full archived post you'll understand why for Gary, Brett and I it was an incredible trip. CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO READ IT. Then come back to finish this post.

This Gal is why I return year after year for MONSTER BULL RED FISHING!
This Gal is why I return year after year for MONSTER BULL RED FISHING!

WELCOME BACK! As fishing goes, it also goes without saying that fishing isn't any different on the Delta than anywhere else. It isn't always catchin' cause sometimes they are adverse to eatin' and they aren't always Monster Bulls some are juvies. And yes, the weather does misbehave - BUT - the chances are really good that in a three day trip on the Delta with Captain Keith you will catch some, maybe many, including some eaters, maybe Bigs, maybe Giants and MAYBE THE BRUTES OF THE BULLS! I've found over the last ten years that when it comes to the trip cost, services and equipment provided and the quality of fishing there surely is no comparison to Captain Keiths ALL INCLUSIVE 3 days fishing / 4 nights lodging package. All Inclusive means JUST SHOW UP AND FISH and that's what I plan to do again later this month and then again in June!

INTERESTED? Here's the deal, YOU MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS WITH THE CAPTAIN WELL IN ADVANCE BECAUSE HE REALLY DOES BOOK UP WAY OUT - groups of three are perfect! The full contact details are included in the photo below. Give Captain Keith a call soon to arrange your Monster Redfish trip to the Bays, Bayous and Beaches of the Mississippi Delta!

Annual June trip partner and friend, Jeff Stagg.

The guy responsible for my Red Fish addiction, fishing partner, mentor and friend, Dr. Gary Clark.

For many more articles on the Monster Redfish of the Mississippi Delta visit the Journal Archives section of the Fishing the Americas web site where you will find 10 years of blog posts or


Monster Bull Redfish Fishing should be on everyones bucket list!

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