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Following the Finatics - Papua New Guinea

Updated: Feb 3

I think one of the benefits, perks, and frankly, good fortunes of being involved in the international angling community is the opportunity to meet up with like-minded finatics. It never ceases to amaze me the extremes these angling finatics will go through to hook up with their bucket list quarries. Sometimes the days of rigorous travel required exceed the days of fishing available once they arrive. More about that later and in the coming "Following the Finatics" posts.

One such guy is international angler and friend Bob "DoradoKiller" Daley. Bob is a perfect example of those kindred spirits I affectionately refer to as "fin'atics." Bob's recent travels to Papua New Guinea, like most of his adventures, really intrigued me, so I asked him if I could pass his fishing news and report on to other fishermen. He graciously agreed, so a little later I will give you a link to access his full report. Note: You don't want to miss the full report. I promise. Like all of his reports, it's really good! I've been blessed to receive Bob's reports via email on a hot-off-the press basis for several years now. I look forward to them because they are informative, exciting, usually full of photos, and always full of truth. No smoke.

"The highlight of my fishing was a trophy sized barracuda measuring over 7ft landed on a Heru popper. My guide, Richard, estimated the weight at 45 kilos, which would have broken the current IGFA all tackle record. Not being into records, I released the monster hoping to give another the opportunity to take photos with it."

"Fishing for Giant Trevally has become my latest addiction.  Let it be the fighting power and punishment these brutes exhibit or just the thrill of an aggressive species chasing down my monster popper before engulfing it with a huge explosion. These brutes have been known to reduce grown men to tears!  Often after the battle is over, I feel like I just went 12 rounds with the heavyweight champ of the world!

During January 31 to February 9, I once again had the opportunity to thrill my addiction while fishing on Long Reef out of Alotau, Papua New Guinea.  I was led by Rock Expeditions, guide and good friend Luke Wyrsta.  The weather out in the Coral Sea was windy during the expedition along with massive strong currents which made the bite tough.  Still, my partner, Gary LaRose and I were able to land a few trophy Giant Trevally and other species on topwater poppers.  Gary landed the largest GT of the trip, a beautiful trophy estimated around 80 lbs.  My largest was roughly a 50 lbs brute." 

The scenery in Papua New Guinea is beyond belief.  The residents of Wari Island were extremely nice and quite polite. 

I dream of returning next winter fishing again with good friends like Luke.  I know for sure that my dream will come true!"

I'm sure you will, Bob! But I also know, as I write this, that you are off to tackle another of your favorites, the Golden Dorado, aka the River Tigers of the Uruguay River. Good luck there, and we look forward to next report!

To read the entire Papua New Guinea report in PDF format click on the photo of Bob below.

You can also follow Bob at his Blog "The Fishing News" at:

Check back often here at The FTA Blog for more interesting "Following the Finatics" reports!

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