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Runge the Guide

Making Adventure Anglers Dreams Come True . . . 

Fishing the Americas for nearly 50 years.


Adventure angler with a lifelong passion for chasing most any finned beast that swims. 


Leading fin'atics on exotic angling adventures for the last 20 years. 


An entrepreneur at heart, loves spending time on the water with family and friends.


Former Agent, Outfitter and Operator: 

Still doing some occasional  free-lance writing, blogging, and brand community building.


Coaching Enthusiasts of Extreme Adventure Fishing & Trophy Quests

Adventure fishing is more than just catching fish. It is about the entire process, from vision to execution. For the past 20 years, coaching has been an essential service I've provided to help 100's of anglers fulfill their bucket list dream trips and Trophy Quests throughout the Americas. It's all part of my mission to make those dreams a reality.

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Can I Be Candid With You?

We understand that “outfitters” of fishing trips, wherever they may be located, have very strict and set timetables for their trips. To be sure, certain dates, often weeks, must be filled with clients each season, and naturally, that is the outfitter's primary objective. Whatever dates are open, those must be filled first and foremost. Believe me, as a former owner/outfitter, I understand this.


When selecting the best fishing dates and locations, keep in mind that the available dates provided by outfitters may not always be the best option for you. Factors such as fishing pressure, public access, historical water levels, and target species activity should be taken into consideration. Additionally, your personal schedule may not align with the outfitter's availability.


Simply put, your bucket list dream fishing trip and  would be better serviced and scheduled with assistance from a non-biased and experienced angler or coach looking out for your best options by providing assistance in species-specific destination selection, planning, travel, logistics, documentation, gear recommendations, species prime date ranges, and securing an optimum selection from an alliance group of many top-notch proven operators, outfitters, guides, captains, and lodges located throughout the Americas.

David Fields, Fishing the Americas, with beautiful Brazil Peacock Bass
Travel, gear, documentation

It's What I Do

Some call it an expedition designer, coordinator, tour guide, or coach.


Regardless of the moniker, with 20 years of experience, I specialize in adventure fishing,  fulfilling bucket list dream trips, and Trophy Quests. Let me assist you in planning your ultimate adventure and help you achieve your "Trophy Quest." Whether you're a new or seasoned angler fishing solo or with a buddy, family, corporate group, or an industry professional, I'm here to assist and make your dream trip a reality. Hit the Chat Button anytime, and let's get started!

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Thanks Rich:


I GOT A GUY! How many times have you heard that? If you dream of fishing the world's best trophy waters in the Amazon River Basin, but have never been able to confidently sort out all the pretty websites promising to be your easy ticket to success, you are exactly where I was about a year ago. Truth is, most of those sites connect you to a fishing broker who makes their living by filling empty seats on empty boats on empty dates. Most of them don't even fish. David Fields is an independent consultant with over 2 decades of on site fishing experience in the locations where you want to chase your dream fish. When you discuss your goals, he will call upon his direct experience to tell you not only the location, but the time of year, historical river levels, equipment and even presentations that will maximize your odds to achieve success. Whether it's an angling question, safety in jungle environments, transportation suggestions or anything else, David can direct you to success.

For those of us who have been on one of those "Once in a Lifetime Fishing trips", (and I've been on dozens) most of us have one thing in common. We have already been quite successful in our careers. Unless you were born into monetary success, that's the only way you could have the disposable income to pay for fishing the finest waters in the world. Part of our success is quite often knowing when your current knowledge and talents don't translate to any new opportunity that arises. The next challenge is knowing who to employ to secure that knowledge. Finding someone uniquely qualified with the proven experience and skill to assure the highest possible odds for success combined with minimizing risk, assuring proper allocation of time and resources and tailor making an angling adventure that fit's your specific wants and needs can be a difficult task to be sure. I started my first conversation with David Fields of FISHING THE AMERICAS, by telling him this.... "I have fished all over the world but I've never fished for a trophy Peacock Bass or Payara so I'm going to shut up and do whatever you tell me to do." I did that and my results were even beyond my expectations. I foun
d myself with an honest advantage and confidence each and every day of my adventure due to the thorough schooling I received from David prior to my trip.

How good was it really????? On my first phone call to David upon my return we started planning my next trip through I will be departing either late this fall or next spring.


Tight Lines my friends.

Rich Calcut
Huntsville Alabama

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