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ICAST 2023: Once Again - More Than Fish Hooks

Updated: Jul 13

I remember reading the historical stories about the mountain men of the early1800’s and their annual Rendezvous in the Wind River Mountains region of the Rocky Mountains. How the sage and salty men of the trade blankets would go to great extremes, enduring all kinds of hardships and many demanding days of travel endurance, just to reach Rendezvous. Then finally arriving to a convention of like minded individuals set on their itinerary for the days ahead. Days of buying, selling, trading, demonstrating their wares; networking and surely, celebrating. Celebrating new and old endeared friendships and the achievements of the Best of the Best!

Sound familiar? If you are an annual ICAST attendee it should.

Interesting Tidbit: One of the favorite trade items between the Mountain Man and the Native American was bone fish hooks.

To be continued - post 07/23

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